1. Do you have an English name?
How can I call you?
What name do you want me to call you?

2. How do you spell your name?

Could you spell out your name, please?
Could you spell that for me? I want to write/jot it down?
3.  Hello. Can I talk to ?
May I speak to?
I' m calling for Min-jeong. Is she home?
4. This is Min-jeong speaking. May I help you?
It's me. What can I do for you?

5. Who's on the line, please?

May I know who ' s calling, please?

6. Hi, how are you doing today? I ' m fine. Thank you!/Thanks!

What ' s up? I ' m good. / Not so bad.
How ' s everything going? Everything ' s pretty good.
How do you do? I ' m doing great!/ Never better!
We haven ' t talked for a while. How have you been? I ' ve been busy at work/school.
How was your day? It went pretty well. / It was fantastic! / It was fun!/I had a wonderful time today! I had a terrible day. My day was boring.
How ' s the weather today? It ' s raining cats and dogs, and I ' m bored to death.
The weather is very good. The sky is very clear.
7. What do you do?
--I ' m a college student.
--I ' m an engineer.
What ' s your job? / What ' s your work?
What kind of work do you have?
What company do you go to?
Where do you work?
What do you do for a living?
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